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Cloud based connected planning software

Anaplan offers one common platform for integrated planning and reporting with apps and processes across all lines of business, including Finance, Sales, Supply Chain and Operations,Marketing, HR, and IT.

Key Benefits

  • Solve any planning challenges across the business with business user–owned models

  • Get granular insights, drive growth, and monitor real-time metrics to pivot quickly. Stay aligned to changing market conditions with Anaplan’s flexible modeling engine.

  • View plans across the business at aggregate and detailed levels. Compare different dimensions of your business in real time.

  • Reduce costs and risks by eliminating spreadsheets and consolidating redundant planning systems.

  • Increase accuracy of decisions and improve business outcomes leveraging predictive analytics and ”what-if” scenario analysis.

  • Easily consolidate data. Business owners can streamline data integration by linking models and plans.

  • Leverage pre-built apps to expedite planning and increase time to value.


Having 6 domain SME and 30+ Level 2 Anaplan Modelers, Keansa can offer:

  • Design & Develop financial planning, budgeting & forecasting apps

  • Design & Develop sales planning, integrated pricing & customer profitability apps

  • Design & Develop demand planning, supply planning, demand supply balancing and constrained production planning apps

Our Expertise in Anaplan

  • Annual Operating Plan (AOP) - bit of description of this app

  • Financial Forecasting - description

  • ABC and Demand Pattern based product segmentation, assigning Demand Planning Methods based on product segmentation

  • Product Lifecycle Management, new products, new  markets rollout planning  

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